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Meet your buyers where they hang out.

  • Post product updates across your profiles.
  • Handle customer questions and reviews.
  • Automate your social customer service.
  • Track your results – and your competition’s.

Supported platforms:

What do you want to improve in your e-commerce business?

When you run an e-commerce, social media should be your ally, not a hurdle. Let’s get you the right tools – all in one place – and turn your profiles into your assets.

How will NapoleonCat help me sell more on social media?

Go where your customers are. With NapoleonCat, you can make a genuine connection with them on social media – and turn them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

  • Showcase your products across social media networks, including Facebook and Instagram, using a single dashboard. Add UTM tags to track website traffic, conversions, and sales coming from your social content.
  • Have physical locations? Publish special offers and manage customer reviews on Google My Business from the same dashboard.
  • Do you get a lot of product-related questions? Automate replies to repetitive queries, and never miss a question regarding your products on social media ever again! Even if you’re OOO or fast asleep in your time zone.
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How will NapoleonCat help me boost my social ad results?

Running tons of ads for your products at the same time? Collect all of the comments and interactions in one place with your organic content (finally!) – Don’t worry about unwanted comments messing with your ad results again.

  • Track and reply to any questions and comments your customers ask under your sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram – without having to check your ad campaigns manually.
  • Automatically delete spam and competitor links from your ads that your clients may see every time your ad is displayed.
  • Get in-depth analytics for both organic and sponsored posts, and find out when (and where) people are most likely to engage with your content.
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Colin Wayne, founder and CEO of Redline Steel

NapoleonCat’s features helped Redline Steel grow into the largest customized steel company in the United States. Redline Steel has been on the market for 4 years. They use NapoleonCat for over 60% of the time spent on their daily work. Start your 14-day free trial

How will NapoleonCat help me provide better customer service on social media?

For your customers, your social profiles are an extension of your brand. Reduce the time it takes for you to manually reply – from a “full-time job” to just a few hours a week.

  • Quickly reply to every single customer query and comment, whether it appears on Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, or as a Google review – even if you’re running multiple social media accounts on multiple platforms and have customers all over the world.
  • Delegate comment threads to team members and set up notifications to instantly know if something blows up on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Reply automatically to straightforward queries based on selected keywords – so you have more time to handle more complex issues without overwhelming yourself
    and your team.

How will NapoleonCat help me make data-backed decisions?

Back up your business intuition with hard data to know what sales channels bring the most ROI, and don’t waste your resources for what’s never going to work.

  • Find the most effective platforms and content types, best times to post, and best hashtags to use.
  • Track the same metrics for your competition and use that knowledge to improve and optimize your own social media strategy.
  • Monitor your customer service quality  based on response times on social media and Google reviews for your physical locations.
multiple physical stores

Run multiple physical stores?

Manage your Google My Business content and reviews from one dashboard – without the headache of having to spend hours manually managing them for each of your locations.

  • Get notified about new reviews and reply from one dashboard in seconds!
  • Add product updates to rank better in Google and make it easier for your customers to find you.
  • Post new offers with call-to-action buttons and discount codes.
  • Manage your online reputation and display customer awareness by responding to their reviews.

See how you can manage Google My Business with NapoleonCat ➞

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Customer spotlight: CCC

When you run both an e-commerce business and a brick-to-mortar store, client reviews for your google maps locations can heavily influence the store’s online ratings. That’s why when it comes to customer service it’s essential to regard it as an omni-channel strategy and provide customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience. One of our customers faced such a challenge and this is how they solved it with help from NapoleonCat:


CCC is a popular European footwear retailer and producer, with as many as 496 locations listed in Google Maps. They’ve been using NapoleonCat to manage close to 1500 Google My business reviews a month, and transformed a tiresome, manual process into just 4-5 hours a week!


“CCC has over 500 locations in Poland, with over 1000 new Google reviews a month. With NapoleonCat, we can react quickly and make sure none of them is left unanswered.”

Robert Prokopowicz, Customer Service Manager, CCC
Read our case study and find out how to utilize the potential of Google My Business with NpoleonCat ➞

Get to know NapoleonCat – Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most burning questions about our tool.

And in case you were wondering…

What’s Facebook Commerce?

Facebook commerce is the option to sell your products via the platform, including setting up your store directly on the platform and supporting your sales with targeted paid ads.

What’s Instagram Commerce?

Instagram commerce is a way to sell your products on Instagram, integrated with your Facebook shop and supported with a robust ad network.
Here are some ways you can use Instagram for e-commerce. And this post lists some helpful e-commerce marketing tools for the platform.

How to promote your e-commerce on social media?

If you have an online store, promoting your products on social media is essential. Depending on where your customers hang out the most (e.g., are they more likely to use Instagram or Facebook, or maybe both?), you can promote your brand by:

  • posting engaging visual content
  • educating your customers about your products
  • answering questions and comments from your audience
  • engaging in discussions with your fans and followers
  • posting ads that will take your customers directly to your store or individual products.
What are the best social media marketing strategies for e-commerce?

There’s no single strategy that will work for everyone – a lot will depend on what you’re selling and who your target audience is. Some ideas may include:

  • Posting content from your customers, such as product reviews or customer stories.
  • Educating them about your products with videos and how to’s.
  • Showing them the backstory of running your business, e.g., with Instagram stories.
  • Tracking what engages your audience (e.g., using NapoleonCat analytics) and then posting more of what brings the best results. Read this post for some more ideas.
What’s the best social media platform for e-commerce?

Depending on your products and your audience, focus on what works best for your business. Here are some hints:

Facebook for e-commerce

  • Run a business profile for your store to communicate with your customers.
  • Create a Facebook Shop as your online storefront, and sell your products directly on the platform or in a message.
  • Communicate with your customers in real time using Facebook Messenger.
  • Collect customer reviews and provide customer incentives for posting reviews using automated messages.
  • Run ad campaigns to promote your products and direct traffic to your store.

Read more about Facebook tools available in NapoleonCat.

Instagram for e-commerce

  • Consider Instagram if you have visually appealing content, such as packshots or lookbooks.
  • Integrate with your Facebook Shop to sell your products directly through the platform.
  • Run targeted ads including retargeting ads to promote your products, e.g. to those users who have expressed interest before or to those who follow your brand on Facebook.
  • Show the face of your brand with behind-the-scenes stories.

LinkedIn for e-commerce

  • Consider LinkedIn if you have a longer, possibly one-to-one sales process or when you’re selling B2B.
  • Use it to forge brand partnerships, find suppliers, and build business relationships.

Google My Business

  • Use it if you have a physical location (or locations) that can be placed on Google Maps.
  • This, connected with a robust ad network, will help you reach new customers online and rank better in search queries.
  • Collect ratings and reviews from your customers that others can use as social proof and encouragement to buy from you.


  • Educate your audience on a subject related to your area of expertise.
  • Drive more product sales directly linking to your products from videos.
  • Share helpful tutorials and walkthroughs of your product.
  • Add video testimonials from satisfied customers.

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