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Finally, a simple way to manage all DMs and comments on Facebook and Instagram ads and organic – in one place and at scale:

  • Monitor and manage all (even ad) comments and messages on multiple profiles
  • Convert comments into sales actions
  • Automatically delete or hide spam and offensive comments
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Remember that one lost sales opportunity you discovered too late?

Or the comment that started a social media crisis, and you missed it? Don’t overlook any comments, messages, questions, or sales opportunities ever again by tracking all of them in a single dashboard.

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Sell more from your Facebook & Instagram ads

Ads converting below expectation?
Spending too much time responding to the same comments and questions about your products?

Use NapoleonCat’s Facebook and Instagram ad comments moderation tools and automate answering repetitive pre-purchase questions based on defined keywords.

  • Prevent leaks in your sales funnel
  • Optimize marketing spend
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Increase the viral reach of your ads
Never miss another ad comment
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Colin Wayne, founder and CEO of Redline Steel

“We have enjoyed using NapoleonCat the past few years, especially the automation feature. With over a billion ad impressions, we can easily keep up with the comments, filter them, or auto-assign to management staff based on specified triggers.”

Get rid of spam under Facebook & Instagram ads

Competitors and fake accounts posting junk comments without you even noticing?

  • Automatically hide comments with links
  • Hide or delete comments based on selected keywords and phrases
  • See and moderate all Facebook and Instagram ad interactions in one dashboard, even for multiple clients at once!
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Save 8 hours (or more)
each week with
Auto-moderation rules

Automated moderation rules will improve your customer experience – and your quality of life 🙂 NapoleonCat’s users save on average 8 hours each week with Auto-moderation. Use one of the templates we put together or create your own rules from scratch:

  • Automatically hide offensive comments on Facebook
  • Automatically hide offensive comments on Instagram
  • Reply with an order complaint autoresponder in Facebook and Instagram private messages
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Everything you need to grow your business. Social media management, analytics & publishing tools in one place.
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  • Instagram & Facebook Ads comments
  • Instagram & Facebook comments

Ready to use auto-comment template:

  • Hide offensive comments on Facebook
  • Hide offensive comments on Instagram
  • Reply with an order complaint autoresponder on Instagram and Messenger

And more: Social Inbox, Publisher, Analytics & Reports (your profiles & competitors)

Design your perfect plan

Get more tools with one subscription

Talk to your customers on Messenger from Facebook

  • Get real-time updates on all your conversations in one Social Inbox.
  • Organize conversations in threads without getting a separate ticket every time a customer hits “Send”.
  • Get a chronological view to make sure you always see the latest messages on top of your feed.
  • Use the built-in translator to reply to customers in multiple languages

Keep all your social media interactions in one place

With NapoleonCat’s Social Inbox, you can:

  • track and respond to interactions on all your social media profiles
  • delegate threads to team members
  • automate responses
  • and more

NapoleonCat supports Auto-moderation on:

And in case you were wondering…

What exactly is ‘’an Auto-moderation rule’’?

Each rule is an automatic reaction that activates itself based on your pre-defined triggers, conditions, and keywords. For example, an Auto-moderation rule can automatically respond to all questions about shipping or hide all comments that include links (to protect you and your social media community from spam, viruses, or your competitors trying to make use of your paid reach 💪🏽

What can I use Auto-moderation for?

The main uses of Auto-moderation are to perform the following actions automatically:

  • Reply to repetitive questions from your fans and customers, e.g., about pricing or delivery times.
  • Hide inappropriate comments containing spam, hate speech, etc.
  • Delete inappropriate comments containing spam, hate speech, etc.
  • Forward sensitive customer issues to dedicated customer support team members.
  • Auto-reply to a private message in response to a comment, e.g., sending a price list, detailed information about delivery, or handling complaints.
Is Auto-moderation safe?

Yes, Auto-moderation is perfectly “legal” when it comes to the terms of use of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

To be more specific, Auto-moderation doesn’t access any private APIs by means other than those permitted by the social media platforms. We are also a Meta Business Partner.

What are the main benefits of using Auto-moderation?

Auto-moderation will help you with:

  • Converting comments into sales activities
  • Selling more from Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Reducing response time on social media,
  • Reducing the probability of overlooking a comment or a private message,
  • Saving social media managers’ time,
  • Quickly reacting to time-sensitive customer inquiries,
  • Protecting your brand image across your Facebook and Instagram accounts, both for organic posts and ads.
How do I set up my first Auto-moderation rule?

The process of creating an Auto-moderation rule is very simple and doesn’t require any coding skills.

Once you set up your NapoleonCat account and connect your social media profiles to our tool, head over to the Social Inbox feature, by clicking on its icon located in the vertical menu on the left.

Next, click on the blue Automoderation button in the top-right corner to access the feature.

To create your first rule, you can either start from scratch by clicking on the yellow Create new rule button, or you can pick from three ready-to-go rule templates to speed up the whole process.

If you choose to create a completely new rule, you will need to:

  • Name your rule (for a better organization once you create multiple rules)
  • Select the social media profile you’d like the rule to work for
  • Select the trigger, e.g., organic comment
  • Select the condition, e.g., only comments with links
  • Type in the keywords that will trigger your rule (if you leave this box empty, the rule will work, in this example, for all organic comments with links)
  • Define the automatic action that your rule will take, e.g., Hide
  • Define your rule’s time schedule, or leave it working 24/7
  • Type in the email address(es) to get notifications each time a rule is triggered
  • Click on Save rule, and that’s it!

You can also watch this video tutorial to see how to create an Auto-moderation rule in NapoleonCat.

What’s the difference between Auto-moderation and Chatbots?

The biggest difference between Chatbots and Auto-moderation is that Chatbots only work with messaging apps, and both their development and implementation are complicated (and can also be very pricey).

Auto-moderation supports private messages, comments, mentions, and reviews – so it covers a much larger spectrum of social media interactions. It’s also very easy to set up – the whole process of creating an Auto-moderation rule takes only a few minutes. No programming skills are needed.

Which social media platforms does Auto-moderation support?

Auto-moderation supports the following social platforms:

  • Facebook (organic posts and ads),
  • Instagram (organic posts and ads, direct messages),
  • Messenger (private messaging).
What are some good practices for using Auto-moderation?

In order to make your automated responses look more human and natural, there are some features that can personalize them. 

You can create multiple different automatic replies that apply to the same rule – so one of these pre-defined responses will be randomly picked and auto-published. You can create up to 20 different replies.

You can also add the username of the person or brand you’re addressing in your auto-response.

Is there a limit to how many Auto-moderation rules I can set up?

There is no limit to the number of Auto-moderation rules that you create.
The sky’s the limit 🌌

Can I use Auto-moderation for social media ads?

Yes, you can use Auto-moderation for Facebook and Instagram ads.

How do I add ad accounts to Auto-moderation?

Once you connect your Facebook Page to NapoleonCat, Auto-moderation will already be able to support both your organic posts and ad posts on this social media platform.

With Instagram, however, you need to connect your Instagram ad account as a separate profile in NapoleonCat’s Workspace Settings — you can check how to do it in this video tutorial. It’s a simple process that contains only a few clicks 😀

Is there a limit to the number of keywords I can add to trigger my rule?

Just like there’s no limit to the number of rules that you can create, there’s also no limit to the number of keywords that will trigger your rule

Can I set my rule to work only during specific hours or days?

Yes, you can schedule your rule to work only during specific hours or days, but we generally recommend letting your automatic rules work 24/7.

How will I know if an Auto-moderation rule was triggered?

If you wish to, you will be instantly notified via email each time an automatic rule is triggered.

Can I use any Auto-moderation rule templates?

Yes, in order to cut down the time spent on creating your rules from scratch, we’ve added 3 rule templates:

  • Automatically hide offensive comments on Facebook
  • Automatically hide offensive comments on Instagram
  • Automatically handle customer complaints

Each rule template was based on real use cases of our customers, but you can always edit the template according to your needs 😀

Can I use Auto-moderation to disable comments completely?

For different reasons, you may wish to disable all comments on your profile. In fact, you can do so with NapoleonCat, but we would like to encourage you to engage with your community rather than delete comments. It establishes you as a trusted business and proves to bring the best results.

Anyhow, one ‘secret’ use of Auto-moderation is that it can automatically delete all incoming comments, which works as a nice alternative to disabling your comments completely – it’s also more discreet.

All you need to do is set up a rule with Delete as the automatic reaction, but remember to NOT include any keywords. This way, any incoming comment will be instantly deleted.

Can I see the automatically deleted or hidden comments?

Nothing is ever truly lost inside our Social Inbox. You’ll be able to access different tabs with all of the deleted, hidden, flagged, and archived comments.

And while you can’t undelete a comment, you can easily unhide it with one click inside the Social Inbox.

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